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Glaucoma FAQs

Glaucoma can lead to permanent vision loss. When the condition is caught early on, treatment can be given so that the patient doesn't lose more vision. Once the condition has caused some vision loss, that vision is gone for good. With the right treatments from an ophthalmologist, you can have your glaucoma progression slowed or even stopped. At Eye Specialists of Illinois, we have provided Park Ridge residents with reliable eye care services for many years.

Why Do People Get Glaucoma?

This serious eye disease occurs due to optic nerve damage. This nerve is important for processing images and taking messages from the eyes into the brain. The eye has a fluid inside it that is thick and gel-like. The fluid drains regularly and is replenished. However, too much of this fluid can build up, raising your interocular pressure. This leads to optic nerve damage. When you have glaucoma, it will generally keep progressing unless you get treatment from an eye specialist. 

Why Do People Get High Eye Pressure?

There are various reasons that the fluid may build up too much in the eyes. For some people, it's a genetic condition that causes too much eye fluid to be made and stored in the eyes. Another cause can be a problem with the drainage of the fluid. If it doesn't drain regularly, too much of it can build up. No matter how it's caused, you must get treatment for it and keep up with your regular eye exams. 

See an Ophthalmologist for Your Eye Exam and Treatment

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