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Eye Allergies

If you are a resident of Park Ridge, IL, and are suffering from things like seasonal allergies or red eye and need eye relief, come see an optometrist or ophthalmologist on our team at the Eye Specialists Of Illinois. We'll have your eyes feeling great again. 

eye allergies

What Are Your Symptoms?

When it comes to eye allergies, you can feel a variety of things with your eyes. You can have red eyes, itchy eyes, watery eyes, dry eyes, burning eyes, and just feel like there is some dirt or grit in there. When you contact us about your issues, be sure to be specific about what you are feeling. This will help us have an idea of what we might be looking for when you do come in for your appointment.

Diagnosing the Problem

The eye doctor will look at your eyes and see what is causing the problem. Our eye doctors are highly trained and know what to look for when examining your eyes. They may also be wondering about certain circumstances. Is it a heavy pollen season? They may prescribe you eye drops that are antihistamine, since they block histamines, which cause the allergy symptoms. They may prescribe other eyedrops if it turns out it's not a pollen allergy but another type of eye allergy. If it's an infection, they may give you antibiotic eye drops. Another option is immunotherapy, where you get allergy shots to build up resistance to the things that are causing your allergic reactions. Our team will explain all the options and the reason why they chose what they did.

It might be a good idea to see an eye doctor in a timely manner since if you wait too long, especially with dry eyes, your symptoms could keep getting worse.

Be sure to follow all the directions that they give you so that you can be sure to recover from the allergies symptoms and keep them from recurring. Then you can go outside with confidence.

Get Eye Relief from an Optometrist on Our Team for Seasonal Allergies and Red Eye

At the Eye Specialists Of Illinois, we are ready to help the people of Park Ridge, IL have healthy eyes and be allergy-free. Feel free to contact us today to make an appointment. Call us at (847) 823-2127 for more information.


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