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The Importance of Eye Exams

There are several conditions that affect the eyes, and some even cause permanent blindness if not managed or treated properly. Eye doctors advise people to go for regular eye exams whether they have any symptoms of a vision problem or not.

At Eye Specialists of Illinois in Park Ridge in Illinois, we offer comprehensive eye exams using the most advanced equipment to ensure we get precise diagnoses. Our eye doctor will request a detailed medical history while paying attention to any condition that may affect your vision and cause serious problems. If there is a problem, we give you timely solutions to improve your vision and live a fulfilling life.

Who Should Go for Eye Exams?

Eye exams are crucial, especially for adults over 40 years old and people at risk of developing vision disorders. But that doesn’t mean any other person not in those groups is not supposed to go for these tests. 

Other conditions that may need a visit to our ophthalmologist include:

  • Eye infection
  • Diabetes
  • Significant vision changes
  • High blood pressure

A family doctor or optometrist can also refer you to our ophthalmologist or an eye surgeon for detailed tests and treatment if you have certain eye conditions. 

Still, you can visit them even when you don’t have any symptoms of a vision problem just to check if your eyes are in good health. 

Importance of Going for Regular Eye Exams

Our eye doctor recommends going for eye exams annually for adults. However, they might ask you to go for these exams more frequently if you have certain eye conditions or are at risk of developing vision problems. Eye exams help detect eye conditions before they progress and become worse. Some eye conditions will not show any symptoms until your eyes have been affected significantly.

Detecting them early enough enables our eye doctor or eye surgeon to start treatment on time, either by using medications or procedures such as surgery. 

Visit Eye Specialists of Illinois in Park Ridge, Illinois, for Eye Exams

If you have symptoms that indicate your eyes have a problem, visit Eye Specialists of Illinois in Park Ridge, Illinois, for an eye exam. We will examine and treat you promptly to ensure that you get relief from eye conditions and your vision is not at risk. We also encourage our patients to come for routine eye exams, especially if they are older or have conditions that may cause them vision problems. Call us at (847) 823-2127 for more information. 


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